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Master of Fine Arts Drawing
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The Translation Process

I have always been fascinated with being human. It never fails to amaze me how complex, beautiful, and horrifying this process of living is. We are all made up of complicated internal compositions that have been developed through time and experience. What happens in our minds affects our external behaviors. The problem is that no one can see that. My work is about giving a voice to our private worlds by translating the internal process of being human into artwork.


Throughout my research about the psyche and human behavior, there is much more information than I could ever put into words. I see art as the most honest form of communication because it comes from a strong voice within. Through my artistic practice, I use my tools as a way to communicate what is felt that cannot be expressed through verbal language.


The lines, colors, and textures give just a glimpse into a feeling. The work gives a taste that there is something more there; it looks beyond the boundaries of what you see. There is always more to learn about ourselves and about others. Ask questions, make connections, ask more questions. Be hurt, be happy, be angry, but most of all, be curious.

What my time at KCAD meant to me

My time at KCAD has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Starting the program, I was a different person and a different artist than I am now. Through the guidance, pressure, and encouragement of the professors, my artwork has gone through many obstacles over the past few years, and I am leaving knowing I am making work that is honest to who I am.

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