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Master of Fine Arts Printmaking


Art is here to record our history. Making art has enabled me to express myself with so many fantastic processes, which I have learned here at Kendall College of Art and Design. Escaping into my studio space, I am able to reflect on the world around me to create my paintings and prints. My art is talkative, bold, and challenging. My art is interactive, and as you approach the work, I ask you, "what do you see?" As a printmaker, I create many prints that utilize the same main idea, yet no two prints will ever be the same. Each print will have an identity of its own. This is to showcase the celebration of individuality.


As people, we may see eye to eye, but you may have another purpose or history that you bring along with you. We can all relate to color, shape, words, or statements, but we all will walk away feeling something different. I hope my art makes your mind spin around, that you’ll turn around and take a second look, a second listen, and ask yourself about your own self-reflection. My art is created to intoxicate my fast-moving mind. My art is here to slow me down, to stop and breathe. My art is here to heal the pain of life that we all know. My art is here to celebrate all of the beauty in my life. Make art not war. 


What my time at KCAD meant to me

My time at KCAD has taught me the many skills that I consistently utilize in my prints. The MFA program involves you in all of the disciplines taught here at KCAD, including, drawing, painting, printmaking, public speaking, photography, teaching, and sculpture. I have taken my work and made it into stickers. The stickers have already been graffitied all over Chicago, Miami, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, and New York City, and will soon grace the walls of Memphis, and Paris.

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