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Joe Dunaske
Excellence Award Winner
Collaborative Design
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Collaborative Design transforms your curiosity into a powerfully versatile skill set for problem-solving and innovation.

As a designer, you have the possibility to affect the world at both a large and small scale. It is a thought that is as exciting just as it is frightening. I do want to create a large impact on the world, yet when I leave it, I don't want deep footprints left behind. That whatever I design, isn't left for those after me to clean up, or dispose of.

With that in mind, I believe it is my duty as a designer to design responsibly, keeping the entire lifecycle of the products I create in mind. To be constantly observant of the current systems we have in place and to design and implement sustainable alternatives where they are needed. And lastly, to be observant and to voice the needs of those with disabilities when designing new experiences and products.

Choosing to commit my designs to be sustainable, ethical, and altruistic will position my work for the emerging residential market demands. What keeps me going is my profound passion to design furniture that responds to the changing needs of how we live and work at home. Designing furniture is the perfect harmony between my love of fine art and utilitarian function as well as performing as a platform to promote sustainability.

I find inspiration in unordinary places as a creative challenge that can lead to truly unique designs with unique stories. I personally love to gain inspiration from past historical periods, fashion throughout the ages, philosophical theories, and even music. Because I look, acknowledge, and take inspiration from the past, I can learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others to better design for our future

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

Setting up the Spark Park with a group of great people and getting to enjoy it in between classes on warm sunny days.


Also while walking to class, I got the feeling that I was meant to be at Kendall, and I was on the right path, which was an amazing feeling as I was so uncertain throughout the years.

What are your most

notable accomplishments?

My most notable accomplishments have been participating in the MWest Challenge, winning people's choice for Hammer and Nail, and second place for Considered Furniture. Also participating in Wege Prize and winning second place with Considered Furniture.

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