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Excellence Award Winner
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Drawing allows you to experiment boldly and build a cohesive body of mindful, personally significant work. 

                    Think on the language of propaganda. Its order and surgical intentions.

It constricts you.

                                                 We release you.


Artifacts are cobbled  together in a   delirious   battleground. We contrast organic materials with the industrial reflections of a chaotic underground rave, pulsating in computerized primal grime.

             Symmetry is built      

and destroyed through our processes.

                         Information is forced  through a system that acts like a broken  assembly   line.

Forms are cut, grafted, or lost.        History and contemporary clash.

                                       Vertigo and insanity poison our spirit and belief.


But we hold it together, for there    is freedom

              in the              chaos.

                                             Do not fear it.

        Cast laws and norms out of your mind. They are not you.

                       Eliminate the propaganda and its order.


                                                     Be free.

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

My most memorable experience at KCAD was Danielle Wyckoff's Drawing Materials and Processes class. It was a crucial turning point in my life as an artist. Danielle taught me how to balance raw, uninhibited creativity, with critical thinking and self-reflection. I would not have this Excellence Award without her.

What are your most

notable accomplishments?

1. Anderson Ranch Artist Residency Scholarship, 2019.

2. Finalist in the 2018 Honda Drive and Design competition.

3. Finding a dollar under the basement vending machine, 2017.

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