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Master of Fine Arts Drawing
Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies


The imagery in my work focuses on the objectification of farmed animals and considers equality as a practice rather than an idea. The narrative follows this ideology, challenging the viewer to have an inner dialogue and investigate tenets concerning social justice and personal responsibility concerning the use of animals’ bodies. The concepts question cultural beliefs regarding our dominion over animals and discuss not just the way we keep animals as property or farm them, but our attitudes and justifications around such beliefs of power. It enquires how we construct the narrative of the ‘other’ in order to justify these oppressions.

I use symbolic references in visual imagery. These allegorical symbols are in the narrative to prompt the viewer to explore traditional ideas of good and evil. I use myth as a manifestation of a societal collection of beliefs. The religious iconography is also a discussion on ideas of the sanctity of human life, and of ideas of righteousness, goodness, virtue, and the inviolability of human life above all else. I merge concepts such as sentience, ethics, ownership, and objectification, revealing that the act of ‘othering” of animals through cultural and social conditioning gives a reason to facilitate oppression and violence.

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