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Master of Architecture
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This project takes an adaptive reuse approach to reenvision Philadelphia row homes at the city block scale, through the design of three museums. This is done by an examination of both history and tectonics, meeting contemporary needs through the creation of places that are transformed and made new, while still remembering their origins. 

It will focus on three different city block types; small, medium, and large. I will be redesigning each of the city block types and creating a small community within each of them. Each of the city block types will have a museum surround by 1 to 3-bedroom apartments. The museums will only have information on row homes and will show the row homes at different times and sizes. The museums will each provide some sort of educational program that focuses on a specific material. The museum in the small city block will have its educational material on fabric and sewing, the medium on woodworking, and the large on brick making. The museums will also provide gallery space for local artists within the area. They will also be given the chance to utilize the gift shops where the artists can sell some of their work.

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What my time at KCAD meant to me

KCAD has made me a more reasonable person. It has made me grow up and act like an adult. It has taught me how to do all my work in a timely manner and how to focus to meet deadlines. I have learned how to be a better leader and make decisions on my own. I plan on taking my education forward by taking the things I have learned from KCAD, like being a team leader and a person that listens to other's needs and applies them in the future firm I get hired into. 

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