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Master of Arts in Design
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Whether we're conscious of it or not, we interface with Artificial Intelligence (AI) regularly. From the more obvious interactions through social media, voice recognition assistants like Alexa and Siri, and semi-autonomous self-driving cars, like Tesla, to the less overt, like bank fraud protection, auto-pilot on commercial flights, or the algorithms conducting our daily commute through computer-learned traffic patterns. AI not only impacts our day to day activities but will help shape our future. 

With both the design and capabilities of AI rapidly advancing, this new and dynamic field is creating more questions than answers. AI products have become engrained in global economies through the reliance of business, healthcare, and manufacturing. The general population of technologically and economically advanced societies, as well as economically developing nations, depend on these advancements to drive society and culture forward. How are the ethics of these ubiquitous products considered during the design and development phase to ensure the minimalization of any potential harm? The quickening pace at which advancements are now being made makes it difficult for even progressive societies to properly keep up with broad implementation, let alone appropriate oversight. 

As more challenging questions are posed, and unforeseen consequences are realized, the overarching question arises: how should questions around the ethical development and design of AI be addressed and how can design impact these decisions? My design practice focuses on these questions and the creation of tools to aid in a more ethical approach to the field of technological design. 

What my time at KCAD meant to me

My journey through KCAD has been an experiment in determination, personal growth, and extreme time management. My graduate studies have challenged my thinking, pushed me to my limits, and made me a better person. I’ve gained a greater—and deeper—understanding of the application of design thinking, which has already paid dividends within both my personal and professional life.

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