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Undergraduate Senior

Online Exhibition

Explore outstanding work created by KCAD's graduating seniors. West Michigan’s brightest emerging creatives take center stage in this online gallery, which will converge images from each graduating undergraduate into a powerful reflection of the breadth and depth of their talent and accomplishments. 

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Gabrielle Podkul - Graphic Design

Timothy Pointer - Graphic Design

David Ruggeri - Graphic Design

Mick Rutowski - Graphic Design

Carrie Scheffler - Graphic Design

Jasmyne Schierbaum - Graphic Design

Seiarra Schrum - Graphic Design

Michael Schultz - Graphic Design

Brooke Simpson - Graphic Design

Caitlyn Straley - Graphic Design*

Amy Strouse - Graphic Design

Sydney Underhill- Graphic Design

Tyler Vandersloot - Graphic Design

Katherine Watson - Graphic Design

Lily Bussineau - Illustration

Raime Cronkhite - Illustration

Mikaylee Dyhouse - Illustration

Jenna Kingman - Illustration

Sydney Kocsis - Illustration

Christian Lianez - Illustration

Yunshi Liang - Illustration

Natalie Marshall - Illustration

Mary Jane Moncman - Illustration

Dillon Pringle - Illustration

Payton Pringle - Illustration

Simon Sopheap - Illustration

Meghan Stout - Illustration

Emma Vanderlinden - Illustration*

Samantha Weldon - Illustration

Chase Ancel - Interior Design

Jamie Ball - Interior Design

Cora Burgess - Interior Design

Kathryn Crothers - Interior Design

Andria Dolphin - Interior Design

Taylor Elenbaas - Interior Design

Jenn Gallaway - Interior Design

Katelyn Grochowalski - Interior Design

Sean Guirey - Interior Design

Averie Harris - Interior Design

Claire Korhorn - Interior Design

Elizabeth McGovern - Interior Design

* Excellence Award Recipient

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